Camp Genesis is built around serving. During the week of camp, we leave campus to go out and serve in many different places, like nursing homes, homeless shelters, inner-city missions, and Boys and Girls Club. This helps the teenagers make an impact during the week on others and hopefully encourages them to make an impact back home.


Peer feedback is essential for teenagers. Our Overcomers Groups are vital in helping teens work together to face and conquer their personal obstacles. These groups help establish peer accountability, and further ignite the teen's fire to make an impact on the world for Him! The goal is to launch teens into a personal mission of bringing hope to others.


Awesome evening activities and daily games provide a new and crazy challenge every day.

They also strengthen friendships, promote

teamwork, and build unity; but most of all,

they're just fun! We combine the best parts of

service oriented camp and traditional church

camp to give you the best possible experience!


Students work together with their counselors in various activities, games, and performances

during the week in friendly competition to

promote unity. These groups are vital in

creating friendships that last year round!


The staff here at Camp Genesis are people who love God and work to keep Him first

in their lives! Your students will get the opportunity to work with some of the best people

around to encourage them towards the hope we find in Jesus.